Informed by yesterday.
Inspired by tomorrow.
Invested in today.

Founded to create a foundational technology platform.

Founded in 2006 as FMT, our mission was always to enable better, more resilient digital systems that enable deeper, more connected human experiences. Since that time, our team has been the innovation partner for the world's leading brands to deliver innovation, improve digital delivery, launch new products and introduce new business models and marketplaces - always, with the X Software Factory®.

Choice defines the platform of tomorrow.
So: foundational technology platform. Think Linux. Think RedHat. Do not think apps, point solutions, SaaS, iPaaS or any other solution which is 'closed'.

The X Software Factory® that powers all of TomorrowX's platforms and solutions is designed to be an open, inclusive and all-in-1 digital delivery system, enabling solutions without constraint, across multiple infrastructures, working with many protocols (not just web).

By studying our technological past, we've been able to create a software platform that you can use to propel in to the future, with confidence.
It’s not just about the technological innovation.

Our innovative ‘early adopter’ clients at the world’s largest brands will attest to the care and attention we pay towards risk mitigation, certainty of output, data security and innovation efficacy for any and every solution running on out software. The result: getting you ahead of the curve, with less risk.

From yesterday to Tomorrow.

In 2007, we were named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Secure Business Enablement.

In 2008, IBM became a minority shareholder.

In 2016, the TomorrowX brand was developed by Peter Economides, one of the world’s leading marketing strategists.

In 2020, our distribution partnerships started begun and our services partnerships strategy is unfolding.

In 2022 and beyond, our focus remains unwavering - to deliver sustainable IT economics, to drive more people in to the digital delivery industry, to enable better and more connected human experience and to create an open, global system for efficient and secure digital delivery.


Better, more connected human experiences.

The Band

TomorrowX is all about the future. And the past. Most of all, it's about the present. It's about business, it's about enterprise, it's about human ingenuity and fantasy.
 It's about technology. And anthropology. It's about energy. And care. And empathy. It's about trust.

The TomorrowX team is a diverse group of amazing people. Like a great music band, each person's quirkiness and distinctions become our strength, our energy and our passion. And we've been performing together for over a decade.Large enterprises need to focus on running the business and the whole company has to run like an orchestra. When the maestro lifts the baton, it's follow-the-leader. TomorrowX operates much more like a Jazz band (credit).

Jazz is relentless innovation. You can't play jazz if you don’t really understand music. Deep inside. But you have to let go of what you know. Lose the fear. That’s what makes it swing. A jazz group is multiple expressions of the same mind. The music chooses the leader.
Stuart Mackenzie
Customer Success
As Head of Customer Success, Stuart dedicates his time thinking about how to get things done, then getting it done.  

This holds true for services partners, as it does for the innovators and idea generators within global corporations and leading brands.

The conversations almost always begin with a coffee, even if remotely during these interesting times.

The results almost always end with amazing customer experiences, measurable business value and some awards, too.

Within the group, Stuart is the “most accessible person” and has been for years on end – except when Manchester United are playing (or England, for that matter).
Sarah Linley
Projects & Ventures
Sarah combines digital expertise and soft skills to turn founders of global, impactful and sustainable ideas into ventures. Yes, it’s as hard as it sounds.

Sarah’s success stems from her hands-on approach, which finds her working with founders from around the world and leading innovation programmes, such as the NASA Space Apps Challenge.

When not working with founders, you can usually find Sarah riding her 1000cc sports motorbike or embarking on more travel experiences.
Dimi Siourthas
Operations and Systems
Dimi is our resident rock-star. No, literally.

In between live sets, he is responsible for our Operations and Ways of Working.

He is equally proficient in economics and tech trends as he is in music production and performance, philosophy, photography and visual arts.

Our ambassador of "Do well, Do good".

Builder of things: Apps for better business; apps for better communities.

Currently exploring decentralised work and finance models. Always willing to listen, learn and have a go. Always fun to be around. Loves helping people succeed.
Bjarne Matzen
Chief Technologist Emeritus
Co-authored IBM Red Book on Java Performance and there are many to vouch for his skills in this domain.

His software wins awards, including for the length of time that the software runs without requiring a reboot (ask him about that story over a glass of red).

Chief of curiosity. Chief of ‘let’s try it’. Chief of 'let's do it'.

Previously co-founded an ERP software company, with clients such as Nintendo. Has developed software that's sold in 26 countries. Has probably lived in even more. His car licence plate is AS400. Born in Denmark.

Always working on something new. And 'work' it shall!
Dr Chris Sotiropoulos
Legal Counsel
Chris brings substantial experience in commercial structuring, leading legal negotiations and commercial dealings of innovative companies transitioning their business to the global marketplace.

Chris has earned a PhD in Molecular Microbiology and a Law Degree in Australia. He has also completed an executive program at Harvard Business School in strategy and leadership.

Always helping out, visibly and invisibly.

Presently authoring a book on Ancient Greek philosophy.
Kostas Siourthas
Ideas guy. Do-it guy. Passionate, risk-taking guy. Genuinely believes that digital technology can really make a difference and improve the world - for all.

Loves to learn. Loves to try. Loves to roll-up the sleeves.

Loves collaborating with visionaries and world leaders. World-over.

Frequent flyer. Too much energy. Very little sleep.

Marathon runner, of the Marathon marathon.

In the team, his is the role of "Chief Servant": taking care of things and ensuring that the team has everything it needs to create an amazing tomorrow. Today.