Industrialised to deliver X-ROI

X Software Factory for Composable Software Delivery is the holy grail. Self contained, engineered for Singularity Cloud®. Augments all Digital Worlds, past, present and future. Delivers extreme ROI.
Code on computer screen | Airplane window Code on computer screen | Airplane window

Unlike anything you have ever seen

Unlike packages, low-code/no-code platforms or apps, X Software Factory is not restrictive. You can express all possible algorithms and constructs.

Consequently, you can create solutions for and across industry, business and IT domains, infrastructure, and devices. Even protocols.

It is unlike programming as you currently know it (i.e., coding).

With X Software Factory, software, programming and solutions have been reimagined.

Seeing is believing

X Software Factory incorporates and builds upon the principles and power of Object Oriented and Functional Programming.

X Software Factory is instantiated in a natural and intuitive form, through visual Factory Rules. There is no-code and therefore no-coding.

Consequently, programmers now compose. They do not code.

Out of the box, Composers can use any of 500+ Factory Rules - and create their own.

People looking at computers People looking at computers

Create to Experience

Any next generation technology must add material value to the programmer by enabling increased productivity and efficiency.

X Software Factory enables the programmer (now composer) to easily promote a composition to the runtime engine(s).

Consequently, the mass complexity of CI/CD and DevSecOps is now simply done.

Use and re-use

Composition occurs via the simple process of:

  • Peruse Factory Rules
  • Drag & Drop Factory Rule
  • Connect to other Factory Rule/s
  • Set variables

This is now ready for use.

When the composition includes multiple Rules, this Ruleset can be easily registered and published as a new single Rule in the catalogue. Becoming instantly available for perusal and re-use by the team, department or enterprise.

A Factory Rule can be exchanged for value within the eco-system.

We call this the X Economy.

Various textures Various textures

Collaborate (with other humans)

Compositions are visual storyboards - not lines of code.

Consequently, everyone is enabled to view, understand, form an opinion and augment, participate and collaborate in the solution composition.

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CORA (Compose Once Run Anywhere)

Unlike today's disconnected and entropic technology environments, X Software Factory is complete with a single Runtime Engine that can be placed anywhere on the network.

This is the realisation of the vision and benefits of Network Computing and the saying, 'the Network is the Computer'.

Compositions created with X Software Factory can be deployed to any number of X Runtime Engines located anywhere across the network, across infrastructure, devices and protocols.

Consequently enabling Compose Once Run Anywhere (CORA).

The possibilities are almost endless.
The opportunities are exciting.