The ultimate introduction to Composable Software

Learn from those that know.

- Why is Composable Software popular?
- Why is enterprise software so complex?
- How do we deal with the spaghetti architecture?
- What is Composable Software?
- What are Components?
- What is the difference between a platform and a factory?
- Can Composable Software address functional and non-functional requirements?
- Can Composable Software be used to address ever-changing compliance needs?
- Can Composable Software be used to improve cyber-security?
- Can Composable Software be used for customer-facing applications?
- How does Composable Software deal with Design Language Systems?
- Does Composable Software really bring delivery cycles down to hours, instead of years?
- How does Composable Software connect with Agile?
- How do teams operate with Composable Software?
- How much is Agile output improved with Composable Software?
- Is Composable Software the missing part of Agile delivery?

All of this, in under 50 minutes.

A complete UI Kit

We've got every base covered.

From badges to dropdowns and everything in between.
Over 50 Panels

Just bring your content.

The hard part is already done, with over 25 page layouts included.

Build it with Panels.

A grid-based system.

Flexible panels are perfect for building functional layouts.