Rapid Prototyping

Have you a wealth of experience in your domain and want the chance to grasp an opportunity? We are for the start-up founders, the innovators, and idea generators within global corporations and leading brands who live and breathe ideas and imagination. Our team of like minded beings, and our award winning technology is renowned for rapidly delivering prototypes (or rather maximum viable products) for any idea worthy of the time.

Production ready, set, go.

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Business Innovation

The devil is in the detail. Founders are focused on their business idea and how to make it real, excited by how to take it to market and anyone who can help them get there. Learning to step back and think about the business model, market fit, and growth strategy takes third party intervention. Innovation should be ever-present. If technology is a given, having time to think about procurement, legal, compliance, finance, risk and audit suddenly become amazing opportunities, not afterthoughts. Imagine that.

Good questions provoke great answers.


We have seen, heard, and felt every emotion for the journey you are about to embark upon.
We have a lot of time under our belts delivering incredible, unique and proclaimed ‘impossible’ projects for some of the world’s largest organisations, and heritage brands. Our network is incredible. Whatever a team needs, we usually know someone who can help get the job done.

The ups and downs. By your side. One of the family.

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Investor Introductions

Did we say we know a lot of people? This is also true of investors. We've been around for a while you know, and we are prolific networkers so access to funding for a great idea is never an obstacle. Our ventures have benefited not only from financing but also the amazing people who themselves are invested into the success of their business. Culture and brand fit are imperative. That’s why we also nurture and invest in our own ventures, we also love big ideas and bold solutions.

It’s in our DNA.

Financial Support

Sometimes investors are not quite enough, or too much. We can offer financial support, technology, and secured loans, along with a team of people to build a production ready product to take to market. But much more than that, we take on the risk at the start if we believe in your success. So we are with you all the way. Imagine you’ve just secured the A-team you would go hire with the investment you were about to go spend was now in place. This now leaves you to get on with the REALLY important work, cultivating your idea and solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

ROI. From the get-go.

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We’re about real-world problems and we’re about making a change.

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

Founder & CEO at Sendry


We’re about real-world problems and we’re about making a change.

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We’re about real-world problems and we’re about making a change.


After exploring the traditional avenues of venture capital and incubators, Chris and the team selected to partner with TomorrowX Ventures to develop the Sendry product idea ahead of, and to accelerate meaningful capital conversations. Chris says "it made all the difference in the world, being able to show someone a market ready product, rather than telling them about an idea and showing pitch decks".

NASA International Space Apps Challenge

What is the Space Apps Challenge?

Space Apps inspires local communities to come together, think intensely, and create solutions to important problems. Each year, Space Apps engages thousands of individuals in cities around the world to work with NASA’s open source data in a 48-hour sprint. Teams of technologists, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, and others collaborate to answer some of the most pressing challenges on Earth and in space.

Who should participate in Space Apps?

Space Apps is for everyone! This includes those who have never "hacked" before! All passionate problem solvers are encouraged to join - students, experts, engineers, makers, artists, and storytellers. While some of our challenges are technical, others ask you to use your artistic skills, your business acumen, and your historical imaginations!

In other words, you do not need to be a coder or data expert to be part of Space Apps. In fact, the most diverse teams are often the most successful.