The VIDE is a superhero tool for developers, designed to give them power, control, certainty - and the gift of time.

Time to do more work and increase output; time to collaborate and think of new ideas; or time to improve the human aspects of code.

Code on computer screen | Airplane windowCode on computer screen | Airplane window

A low-code solution development environment

That analysts and developers can easily learn to use and master in the start-up or the enterprise, across any domain or business platform.

With a little bit of magic

Out-of-the-box capabilities include: digital systems integration; 1-click roll-back and restore; auto-documentation of solution, with full audit trail for compliance; live probe for instant problem solving in development and production, without the logging and the trawling.

People working at computersPeople working at computers

Writer's blocks

In VIDEX, the block is the code. And the code is the block. Blocks represent capabilities and connections. There's hundreds of them out of the box in each platform.

More in the XStore

Blocks are easy to procure via the XStore. Or, you can publish your own. Every block inherits the performance, security and complete integration of VIDEX, so you can focus on composition.

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Designed for Xperiences

By 'wiring up' code blocks, developers have a whole new way of doing the creative engineering work of development, where the methods applied for problem solving are visually displayed and can be discussed, reviewed and assessed like a diagram; not in lines and lines of code where even determining what is coded out and what will execute is hard enough.

Like telling a story...

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The Story

The Story

We believe that in the future, delivery of digital systems and solutions will be, in large, a composition task, not a development task.

For Web Architects

For Web Architects

Solutions designed in VIDE run on X. X is an enterprise-grade run-time engine that powers extraordinary solutions, enabling deployment architectures that were previously unavailable via traditional technology. It offers choice, reusability and contestability.