We believe that in the future, delivery of digital systems and solutions will be, in large, a composition task, not a development task.

Solutions will become stories, easily viewed and reviewed, visually.

Computer Science will be Computer Art.

People Looking at Computer | Top of glass buildingPeople Looking at Computer | Top of glass building

People engaged in these composition activities will be able to benefit from reusing verified patterns and capabilities, which will be easily shared and exchanged between users, groups and communities.

Sometimes, for value.

Solutions, capabilities and functions will be deployed as easily on modern applications and infrastructure as will be retrofitted to old, legacy applications and infrastructure, allowing both new ventures and existing global brands to innovate and participate in the economy and serve customers better.

Electric car chargingElectric car charging

In the future, Agile will become agile. As it happened in the past, technology will enable teams to be smaller.

Enabling larger groups of people to focus on journeys and stories of human connection, empathy and the perception of the values and beliefs of the brand, through customised experiences.

The new tools and ways of working will drive cost of delivery lower; consequently, innovation will be decentralized, enabling the people who focus on serving the customer to create new products and digital experiences upon a canvas that inherits global settings and controls that protect the venture and brand.

People Looking at ComputersPeople Looking at Computers

When the power and output of each human will be dramatically amplified by their tools, ventures and brands will hire people that have shared beliefs and values, not workers who trade time for money.

Ferris Wheel | Hand reaching for lightsFerris Wheel | Hand reaching for lights

Their collective work will be an expression of these shared values. Consultation and commentary will focus on how to extend the work and surpass brand expectations.

MVP will survive as an acronym; the M will refer to 'Maximum'.

Since 2006, our team has been working on developing such a system.

Want to try it?

VIDEX: Visual Integrated Development Environment

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For Developers

For Developers

The VIDE is a superhero tool for developers, designed to give them power, control, certainty - and the gift of time. Time to do more work and increase output; time to collaborate and think of new ideas; or time to improve the human aspects of code.

For Web Architects

For Web Architects

Solutions designed in VIDE run on X. X is an enterprise-grade run-time engine that powers extraordinary solutions, enabling deployment architectures that were previously unavailable via traditional technology. It offers choice, reusability and contestability.