Solutions designed in VIDE run on X

X is an enterprise-grade run-time engine that powers extraordinary solutions, enabling deployment architectures that were previously unavailable via traditional technology. It offers choice, reusability and contestability.

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Exponential choice

Infrastructure, Protocol, Integration: options on any one and you have linear choice. X gives you exponential choice for unparalleled enablement.

Run on this and that, with confidence

X runs natively on mainframe, cloud (public/private), on-prem servers, Raspberry Pi - and on (almost) anything in between. Since it is in JAVA, the infrastructure and support teams can easily and confidently deploy, manage and support VIDEX across their choice of infrastructure and connected to their preferred support tooling.

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X runs on multiple protocols, including web/HTTP, SMTP, Scada, Telnet, MySQL and ISO8583. So, you can now zap older systems with new capabilities and design new solutions.

*Zap - A sudden event that imparts energy or excitement, usually with a dramatic impact

New and old

X can run as a standalone app server for new apps, or sit inline within existing 'heritage' architectures, enabling entirely new ways to deploy solutions and manage critical assets for risk and opportunity alike.

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Scale, on a different scale

X enables tactical deployment for decentralised innovation, with centralised controls.

X supports horizontal and vertical scaling, up to clusters of thousands of servers.

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A great performer

X delivers staggering enterprise grade run-time performance with recent testing exceeding 45,000,000 transactions per hour (12,500 transactions per second) on a cloud environment at ultra-low latency. And when deployed inline on web architectures, X comes with dynamic caching, which delivers the paradoxical outcome of a faster user experience.

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The Story

The Story

We believe that in the future, delivery of digital systems and solutions will be, in large, a composition task, not a development task.

For Developers

For Developers

The VIDE is a superhero tool for developers, designed to give them power, control, certainty - and the gift of time. Time to do more work and increase output; time to collaborate and think of new ideas; or time to improve the human aspects of code.