The Composable Architecture Platform that drives the Digital Circular Economy
Engineered for the sharing and re-use economy. Enables rapid innovation. Ideal for enterprises with heritage tech estates in highly regulated industries. Great for remediation of urgent change requests. With multiple architecture patterns to support the solution of the Architects - without compromise. With a visual no-code canvas that has a 'programming-language' catalogue of capabilities. Without vendor lock-in. Engineered for those that want to create the new and change the old.
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Create the new. Change the old.

Empowering the Digital Circular Economy.

Truly reusable and interchangeable components.

Perfect for creating agile software solutions faster, removing waste and delays.
With a catalogue of hundreds of reusable visual components that span the entire software abstraction spectrum, from code-like to functional and integration components, your project will be delivered faster, with better security and data privacy controls, that result in better experiences for users -all at a lower cost, removing wasted effort and delays.
Powered by a computational Agent that runs natively on mainframe, any cloud and devices

Making the impossible, possible:

Magic Layer 🦄
While the Composable Architecture Platform is designed for Cloud, it offers flexible and unconstrained deployment options across the network. Supporting multiple architecture deployments, including inline, that enable security and privacy compliance for data access and integration. With the typical obstacles removed, fast, risk-free innovation follows. The technical name is Application Mediation. Customers call it the Magic Layer. Whatever you call it, it's game changing.
Functional requirements ✅
Non-functional requirements ✅


with multiple architectures to support the Run & Change teams.
With a single platform, the Run team can deploy changes to RUNning systems immediately, without touching the underlying systems. Meanwhile, the Change team can create connected experiences, using the latest innovations (available as components).
(If it sounds "too good to be true", you've got it!)

Composable Architecture Network

To unleash the possibilities the Composable Architecture ⚙️ at scale, we need amazing people 👩🏿🧑🧔🏾👱🏻👵🏻🧔🏽and organisations committed to helping our Communities, creating a vibrant Ecosystem and supporting our Planet 🌏.


The Composable Architecture Network is building the future of the no-code experience, unleashing your potential.

Do. 🚀
Average increase in velocity to live solution for our customers.
* At least that's what they tell us!
Average reduction to cost of solution delivery.
* Enterprise customers
The number of minutes to activate the Composable Architecture Platform in your network
* When using your AWS account
And then, there's the Magic Layer 🦄

Change heritage systems, without touching the underlying code.

Create tomorrow, today

Tomorrow's no-code Composable Architecture Platform.
For today's change makers.
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