If XROI is they why, X Software Factory the what, then Connected Agile is the how.

Connected Agile is the documented method to achieve X-ROI using X Software Factory. At the core are six team roles that people can be certified in via the Connected Agile Academy.

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Unlike Agile, that almost exclusively sees people and ways of working as the opportunity to increase productivity, Connected Agile is about the knowledge and skills to create and operate solutions with X Software Factory.

Connected Agile and X Software Factory together form a digital delivery system, with the technology and the method to create and operate digital solutions. We created Connected Agile to make the human part of the delivery system organised, productive and satisfying.

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When connected, Agile becomes agile. As it happened in the past, technology enables teams to be more productive and smaller.

Simplifying technology delivery and operations leaves more resources to create value for customers and stakeholders. Service, human connection, empathy and the perception of the values and beliefs of the brand can once again be front and centre.

Connected Agile is built upon Agile principles & practices and from there it exponentially increases the capability, quality and speed of teams.

In fact, Connected Agile with the X Software Factory at its core, is positioned as the next major iteration of Agile delivery and can dramatically accelerate an organisation’s Agile journey.

It can offer organisations a simple and fast alternative to today's common technologies and methods.

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Validated with world leading brands.

Connected Agile has been developed and fine-tuned in partnership with world-leading brands, making it simple for all organisations to experience the same extreme and exponential ROI as the partners that helped to develop it.

They explored and pioneered for their customers, colleagues and shareholders; they walked the talk and Connected Agile would not exist without them.

Standard Chartered
American Express
General Electric
Citi Bank
Barclays Bank
Commonwealth Bank
JB Hi-Fi

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Connected Agile Community

Connected Agile is a co-creation system that brings together agile ways of working, digital delivery and community and connects them together for systemic value.


X Software Factory

Connected Agile runs on X Software Factory. It powers extraordinary solutions, enabling deployment architectures that were previously unavailable via traditional technology.